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Our oil boiler installation service

Not only is gas the most popular domestic fuel source in the UK, but it’s also the most efficient fossil fuel currently in use.

However, heating systems are definitely becoming increasingly diverse in the UK, with oil-fired boilers gaining credibility as a similarly efficient option that’s capable of offering access to a cheaper source of fuel.

If you live in York or its surrounding regions, the team at Armstrong Plumbing & Heating is ideally placed to install your new oil boiler. But what are the price benefits of this, and why can you rely on us to oversee your installation?

The benefits of installing an oil boiler 

Oil boilers are a popular choice for many UK homeowners who live in areas without a gas supply or where electricity is costly. There are numerous advantages to installing an oil boiler, which can help to provide a dependable and efficient heating solution for your home. Our heating engineers in York identified some key benefits of installing an oil boiler.

Efficient Heating

Oil boilers are best known for their high energy efficiency, which means they can quickly and effectively heat your home while consuming less fuel than other types of boilers.


While the initial cost of installing an oil boiler may be higher than that of other heating options, it can be a more cost-effective long-term solution. This is because oil prices are more stable than gas and electricity prices, and oil boilers last longer than other types of boilers.

Reliable Heating

Oil boilers are well-known for their dependability and durability, making them an excellent choice for homes that require year-round heating. In addition, they require less maintenance and are less prone to breakdowns than other types of boilers.

Compatibility with Radiators

Because oil boilers work with traditional radiator systems, they are a popular choice for older homes. In addition, they are simple to integrate into existing heating systems and do not necessitate major renovations.


Oil boilers have advanced significantly in recent years, with many models now incorporating energy-saving features and environmentally friendly technologies. This means you can enjoy the advantages of oil heating while reducing your environmental impact.

The Numbers Behind Oil Boilers in the UK

We’ve already spoken about cost and energy efficiency, and currently it’s cheaper and more efficient to fuel your home using gas.

In total, the average home spends about £550 each year on gas heating each year, while utilising the same amount of usable oil would cost up to £700 per annum.

However, an oil-fired heating system will feature a separate storage tank, which can be used to hold bulk amounts of oil and enables you to buy fuel in bulk at a reduced rate.

On a similar note, natural gas has long-since been considered to be more efficient than oil, but this perception is now beginning to change.

The reason for this is simple; as modern condensing oil boilers have narrowed the gap by recycling some of the heat energy that would have previously been wasted.

Even from an operational point of view, oil boilers are better at controlling the flow of hot water to ensure that this reaches its optimal temperature.

This helps you to use our heating systems more efficiently and responsibly, which is a leading priority for a growing number of home-owners across the UK.

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Whether oil is your preferred fuel choice or you live off the grid where gas isn’t a viable option, you’ll need to identify a reliable and local engineer to install a new oil-fired boiler.

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