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For an efficient and quality boiler repair service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Armstrong Plumbing and Heating.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have your boiler break down on you. Hot water and central heating are things that many of us take for granted until they're not there. 

Because of this, we're committed to providing you with a speedy and efficient boiler repair service; so that you can have things back to normal as soon as possible.

Based in York, we are happy to offer our boiler repair service throughout the surrounding area including York, Malton, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Leeds, Selby, Tadcaster and Easingwold.

Signs that your boiler needs repair:

It is extremely important to ensure that if you get your boiler serviced at least annually. We suggest that you get your boiler serviced annually so that you can end up saving money off your annual gas bills and ensure that your boiler is running efficiently. Failure to get your boiler serviced regularly can lead to a boiler breakdown, which means you'd need to start thinking about getting a new boiler. You can learn more about new boiler installations in our blog post.

In order to avoid the eventuality of having to get a new and expensive boiler installed, there are a number of different signs that you can look out for that will suggest to you that your boiler in need of repair. 

  • If you start hearing strange noises coming from your boiler, this is a sign that it may need repair. It is quite common for faulty or broken boilers to make strange sounds such as kettling, squeaking or banging. If your boiler is making these sounds then we highly recommend calling one of our qualified, Gas Safe registered heating engineers. 
  • It is also possible that you start to smell something strange coming from your boiler. If so, this is a good indication that there is a problem with the system and it is in need of repair.
  • A much more obvious sign that your boiler is in need of repair would be a leak or burst pipe. These instances are often quite easy to spot and require emergency repair to limit the damage caused.
  • Finally, a more subtle indication that your boiler may need repair would be if your boiler is taking a bit longer than normal to heat up. This could mean that your boiler is functioning inefficiently and requires repair.

Our boiler repair service

At Armstrong Heating and Plumbing, we ensure that all faulty boilers are fully checked properly before undergoing any work. This means that we will not suggest that you require a replacement boiler until we have checked every component and element of your current boiler to check that it is beyond the point of repair. At this point, we will ensure that you get the perfect boiler for your home. Our professionals have over a decade of experience in the industry and so know which boilers suit which homes, depending on the size of the property, number of bathrooms and the number of members that live in the household. 

When you're faced with a boiler that is no longer working, please give us a call on 07834 168464 or 01904 373075. It's possible that we'll be able to troubleshoot the issue and provide you with a solution over the phone. However, if we need to see the boiler for ourselves, we'll arrange to come to your property as soon as we can. 

Once we've diagnosed the problem causing the fault, we'll let you know and from there carry out an effective repair. 

We have a wealth of experience in repairing a wide range of different makes and models of boilers, so we're confident that we'll be able to provide you with a solution. 

Contact us for a boiler repair in York, Tadcaster, Leeds and Wetherby

To get in touch with Armstrong Plumbing and Heating for a boiler repair, please give us a call on 07834 168464 or 01904 373075.

We ask in the case of an emergency that you please give us a call instead of use our contact form. This is so that we can be made aware of your issue at the earliest possible moment in time. 

We offer this service throughout York, Malton, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Leeds, Selby, Tadcaster and Easingwold so if you're in this local area please do not hesitate to contact us.

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