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If you're looking to have your boiler serviced by a highly experienced Gas Safe registered engineer, then look no further than Armstrong Plumbing and Heating. 

Based in York, we are happy to offer boiler servicing throughout the surrounding area, including York, Malton, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Leeds, Selby, Tadcaster and Easingwold.

Why a boiler service is so important

A boiler service done on an annual basis is the best way to determine that your boiler is in a safe condition and working efficiently. 

We check and inspect for a number of faults that would impact your boiler and make it either unsafe or inefficient. This is very important because an unsafe boiler can cause a number of consequences, including carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as explosions and fires caused by leaks. 

The efficiency of the boiler itself is also important because the less efficient a boiler is, the more energy it uses to provide heat to your property and the higher your energy bills will be. It also impacts the life expectancy of the boiler as it is overworked.

Many boiler warranties are only valid if a boiler service is carried out on a yearly basis. If you have a boiler warranty, please check the terms to see if this is the case. 

Because of these reasons, we highly recommend having your boiler serviced on an annual basis, as would the vast majority of people within the industry and safety experts.

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Signs you need more Boiler Repair

During an annual Boiler service, our heating engineers start by examining your boiler and identifying possible damage. There are times that, in order to guarantee our customer’s safety, we recommend further boiler repairs. If you’re not sure if your boiler requires repair, here are some indicators:

Boiler Leaks

The presence of water leaks in the area surrounding your boiler is a big cause for concern since it may indicate the presence of a carbon monoxide leak, which is hazardous to your health. Call a gas Safe registered heating professional as soon as possible if you discover any leaks in the area surrounding your boiler.

Unusual smell coming from your boiler

If your boiler releases any strange metallic odours, this is a significant indication that it needs to be repaired. That could be a sign that one of the components found inside the boiler has been damaged and needs to be replaced. If this is your situation, please submit the information requested on our contact form to request boiler repair services in York and the surrounding areas.

Constant boiler breakdowns

If your boiler keeps letting you down when it comes to heating your home, it is time to call in a professional repair service. When deciding between having your boiler repaired or replaced, our heating engineers in York are ready to assist you and provide you with expert guidance. 


You shouldn't disregard strange noises coming from your boiler, such as gurgling, whistling, or slamming. These sounds could be signs of problems such as air trapped in the system, a broken pump, or deposits of minerals inside the boiler. Ignoring these auditory cues could cause more harm and ultimately a collapse.

Reduced heating efficiency

Your boiler may not be working at its best if you observe a decrease in the overall efficiency of your heating system, such as rooms taking longer to warm up or not reaching the right temperature. This inefficiency frequently indicates underlying problems that need to be addressed right away by a licensed heating engineer.

Pilot light issues

An issue is indicated by a pilot light that routinely goes out or one that burns with a yellow flame rather than a blue one. Possible causes for this include problems with the gas supply, ventilation, or thermocouple. Timely intervention is essential to avert potential risks and guarantee the boiler operates as intended.

Our heating engineers in York and Leeds can be out in no time to take a look. Just call us on 01904 373075.

Old boiler

Think about how old your boiler is. Boilers tend to lose efficiency and become more prone to faults as they get older. When the anticipated life of your boiler is approaching, it is imperative to make prompt repairs to prolong its lifespan and prevent unplanned malfunctions.

Increased energy bills

A boiler that is working harder than it has to potentially be the cause of an unexpected and sudden spike in energy expenses. An ineffective combustion process or internal component wear and tear could be the cause of this. Energy expenses can be controlled with the help of timely repairs and routine maintenance.

Boiler pressure problems

It is essential to regularly check the pressure in your boiler. A leak in the system or a broken pressure relief valve could be the cause of any abrupt variations or unusual drops in pressure that you see. Low pressure might cause your heating system to operate less efficiently and possibly stop heating altogether.

Boiler Servicing: Gas Safe Heating Engineers in York

Having your boiler serviced once per year is the most effective way to guarantee the safety of your home and family. However, not everyone can proceed with this safety assessment. Only Gas Safe Heating engineers should be carrying out the type of work requested. At Armstrong Plumbing & Heating, we are fortunate to have heating engineers in York who are all registered with Gas Safe and have received extensive training in order to provide quality and risk-free boiler servicing to customers in York, Leeds, and the rest of the areas inside the surrounding areas.

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Boiler Servicing FAQs

How often should I service my boiler?

Boilers should be serviced annually. Regular servicing helps prevent breakdowns, reduces energy bills, and extends the lifespan of your boiler.

Can I service my boiler myself?

Boiler servicing should be left to qualified professionals. Attempting to service your boiler without proper training can be dangerous and may void your warranty.

Is boiler servicing expensive?

The cost of boiler servicing varies but is generally affordable compared to the expenses of emergency repairs or replacing a damaged boiler. Consider it an investment in safety and efficiency.

How long does a boiler servicing session take?

Typically, a boiler servicing session takes around 1 to 2 hours. However, this may vary depending on the boiler type and its condition.

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We are happy to offer boiler servicing throughout the surrounding areas, including York, Malton, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Leeds, Selby, Tadcaster and Easingwold.

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