Advantages of Oil Heating for Your Home

We're going to show you why oil boilers are a great alternative if you're not connected to mains gas.

Let's jump right in. 

How do oil boilers work?

Let's cover off the basics... how do oil boilers work and how are they different to traditional gas heating systems?

There are around 4 million households across the UK that use oil fired central heating systems.

And whilst some of these 4 million people have optionally chosen to use oil (rather than gas), most of them use it because they live outside of the mains gas network, so they physically have no other option but to use a gas alternative like oil.

And therein lies the difference between gas and oil boilers:

  • Gas is delivered to a property via the mains gas line on demand
  • Oil is delivered to a property via a truck and is stored in an oil storage tank

Other than that, they work pretty similarly, i.e. they both heat up your radiators and help you have warm running water. 

Benefits of oil boilers

There are lots of other alternatives to gas; LPG being another example, but here's a couple of reasons why homeowners go for oil boilers:

Oil boilers are energy-efficient

Oil boilers are nearly as energy efficient as their gas counterparts.

For example, oil boilers cost on average 4.9 pence per 1KwH, which is only just higher than the average price of gas (4.2 pence).

Oil is cheaper than LPG

According to the Boiler Guide, prices for oil average around 55p per litre, while LPG sits at around 65p per litre. 

This price for oil drops even more if you buy it in bulk (providing you have a large tank to store it in). 

Oil boilers work with renewable energy heaters

Providing you have a new condensing oil boiler that provides over 85% efficiency, you'll be able to make use of renewable technologies in your home. 

For example, both solar heating and ground source heat pumps are compatible with oil boilers and can help to lower the costs of your energy bills. 

Are you looking to install an oil boiler in York?

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