Bathroom Design Tips to Consider

If you’re looking to add value to your home, you can do far worse than renovate your bathroom space. What design modifications can you make to enhance the value of your bathroom? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Optimise Space with a Corner Sink

If you live in a new-build home, you may find that your bathroom space is relatively small. Even if you own an older home, it’s always a good idea to optimise space in the bathroom and create a more luxurious setting. One way in which you can achieve this is to install a corner sink, which optimises the amount of floor space available by clearing the only available line of traffic within the typical bathroom. This can also help to avoid any issues regarding the layout of your bathroom, as in some cases the opening and closing of the shower door can make it difficult to navigate the space easily.

 Avoid Installing a Shower Door

The average bathroom is about five feet wide, which is just enough space to fit in a toilet and a 30-by-60-inch tub. This creates tight living conditions, and in such circumstances it may be beneficial to install a glass shower panel rather than a door. This not only negates the issues with opening and closing cumbersome shower doors, but it will also help to keep most of the water in the unit and free up some much-needed elbow room.

 Use Mirrored Surfaces to Optimise the Levels of Natural Light

In similarly tight spaces, you may be inclined to optimise natural light levels as a way of creating the illusion of space. The best way to achieve this is to increase the number of mirrored surfaces in your bathroom, or to extend a wall-mounted mirror so that covers a larger area of space. You’ll really notice the benefits of this during the summer, when huge amounts of natural light engulf the bathroom and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

 How Armstrong Plumbing & Heating can Help to Remodel your Bathroom

 As an established, Gas Safe-registered brand with years of experience in the plumbing industry, Armstrong Plumbing & Heating is ideally placed to help model your bathroom space. Make no mistake; we’ll attend your home and install a complete bathroom suite, including a new shower, bath, sink or toilet as required. Our skilled engineers will also install any heating appliances and towel-rails, to ensure that the space is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. To learn more about how we can help you, why not give us a call today on 07834 168464 or 01904 373075? You can also email us at, and we’ll strive to respond to your query as soon as we can!