Boiler Maintenance Tips

From the stresses of work to the challenges posed by family life, it can be easy to overlook the importance of boiler maintenance. This is particularly true if you own a relatively new, A-rated boiler, as these units are renowned for their efficiency, longevity and ability to provide an energy-efficient source of heating. However, it’s important to proactively maintain your boiler as a home-owner, and here are some tips to help you achieve this: 

1. Have your Boiler Serviced Annually 

Most reputable engineers offer an annual service to their customers, and this is an extremely effective way of keeping your boiler in tip-top condition. As part of this service, as Gas Safe-registered engineer will visit your home and performance a number of performance and safety checks, whilst also identifying any faults that need to be corrected. Taking care of these quickly and efficiently is recommended, as this course of action prevents them from worsening and becoming a safety threat within the home. 

2. Have your Heating System Power Flushed 

Next up is the power flush, with is another specialist service that thoroughly cleans your heating system and enables it to run as efficiently as possible. But how exactly does this work? In simple terms, a power flush utilises robust cleansing agents to remove any sludge, dirt and debris that may have accumulated in your heating system over time. Whilst this type of service is only recommended every five or 10 years on average, it can make a big difference to your boiler and enable it to operate more efficiently. 

3. Lag your Pipes 

As the winter weather arrives, there remains a considerable risk that your pipes will start to freeze. Over time, your pipes may even burst, creating the need for a large and costly repair. You can partially negate this risk by lagging your pipework, as this provides cheap but effective insulation that prevents individual pipes from freezing. If your pipes have already started to freeze, you should pour warm water on them to melt the ice and restore function. 

If in Doubt, Call in your Local Plumbing and Heating Engineer 

Whether you’re in need of an annual service or simply want to replace a faulty component, you’ll have to call on your local plumbing and heating engineer. For those of you who live in York and the surrounding areas, Armstrong Plumbing & Heating is a reputable and accredited brand that you can trust to manage all installation and repairs. After all, we’re an experienced company brand that’s Gas Safe-registered and fully insured, our accreditation also extended to cover LPG works. All of our work is covered by full public liability insurance too, so our customers have genuine peace of mind from the moment we arrive in your home. To find out more about our service and the brands that we work with, give us a call today on 07834 168464 or 01904 373075. Or, email us at and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!