Different Type of Boilers to Install

Let’s face facts; buying a new boiler can be a challenging pastime. After all, not only are there several brands of boiler available in the modern market, but you can also select from various types of unit and heating system.

What’s more, each of these boiler types has unique pros and cons, which means that they’re ideally suited to specific homes and circumstances.

Given the cost of buying and installing a new boiler, it’s important that you choose the right type of unit for you. Here are the three main boiler types and their key characteristics:

Conventional Boiler

We’ll start with the UK’s most traditional boiler type, and one that remains a common feature of homes nationwide. 

These units are often installed alongside hot and cold water storage tanks, which are typically fitted in your home’s loft space (where space allows). The boiler unit is then plugged into the mains water supply, and slowly heats the water to create a functional living space.

Whilst this type of boiler is not as popular as it once was, it’s ideal in larger (and typically older) properties that have adequate loft space. 

It’s also capable of providing all of the hot water that your home needs, even in busy and well-populated properties that boast high levels of demand.


Combi-boilers have become the most popular type of unit in recent times, as this compact and self-contained system negates the need for separate hot and cold water tanks. 

This is ideal in the modern age, with new-build homes shrinking in size and continuing to place space restrictions on property owners nationwide.

These units work by heating water directly from the mains, which improves efficiency whilst also optimising the level of water pressure during daily usage.

The self-contained and well-designed nature of combi-boilers also lends itself quick and easy installation, which can reduce your costs when hiring an engineer to fit the unit in your home.

System Boilers

We close with system boilers, which essentially borrows from both conventional and combi-boilers to provide a number of unique advantages.

A system boiler directly heats your radiators and produces hot water for a separate storage cylinder, and whilst it operates in a similar way to conventional units it also features an expansion vessel and a pressure release valve.

Whilst this type of boiler will always require a hot water storage tank, it’s more practical than a conventional boiler as it negates the need for a cold water alternative. It also provides hot water from multiple sources, making it ideal for busy homes in which taps and showers are used simultaneously.

Whatever Boiler you Choose to Install, you can Rely on Armstrong Plumbing & Heating

Regardless of which type of boiler you choose to install, those of you who reside in York or the surrounding areas can rely on the team at Armstrong Plumbing & Heating.

After all, we have years of experience installing all types of boiler, whilst our engineers are also OFTEC and Gas Safe-registered (enabling them to deal with various fuel sources). Our Gas Safe-registration has also been extended to cover LPG work, so we’re well-versed in installing boilers of all shapes and sizes.

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