FAQ's on LPG Boiler Installation

There are many different boiler types and fuel sources available in the modern age, with the energy market having evolved to include several efficient and low-carbon alternatives to electricity and gas.

Take LPG, which stands for liquid petroleum gas and can provide home-owners with a number of impressive (and not to mention diverse) benefits.

Given the rising demand for LPG boiler installation, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this efficient and environmentally-friendly fuel source!

What’s a LPG Boiler?

As we’ve already said, LPG is a low-carbon fuel source that can be used to power the boiler and heating system in your home. 

It’s essentially a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gasses, which replace chlorofluorocarbons and have the potential to reduce the emissions produced by your home’s heating system.

As a result of this, LPG boilers will typically produce less carbon over time and have emerged as a popular choice in conjunction with renewable energy sources such as solar power.

What are the Benefits of Installing an LPG Boiler?

Aside from reducing your home’s emissions and carbon footprint, installing an LPG boiler can also slash the cost of your energy bills over time.

This makes perfect sense, particularly as heating accounts for around 55% of your annual energy bills. By installing an LPG boiler that minimises waste and consumption, you’ll save huge amounts of cash throughout the year.

Most contemporary LPG boilers are also compatible with widely-used thermostatic controls, so you can manage precisely how much heat is used in each individual room.

What Should I Look for in an LPG Installer?

Whilst all heating engineers and boiler installers must be Gas Safe-registered, this basic accreditation alone doesn’t qualify them to deal with LPG units.

So, you’ll need to identify an engineer whose Gas Safe-registration has been extended to cover LPG work, whilst ideally they’ll have completed a number of installations within this field.

By partnering with such service providers, you should also be able to access extended warranties of up to 10 years on selected LPG models.

Why Should I Choose Armstrong Plumbing & Heating to Install my LPG Boiler?

At Armstrong Plumbing & Heating, our Gas Safe accreditation has been extended to cover LPG work, and we’ve been installing energy efficient boilers in York and the surrounding areas for years now.

Throughout the years, we’ve also forged partnerships with some of the world’s most popular boiler brands, including Viessmann, ATAG and Ideal. This enables us to offer extended guarantees on selected models, helping you to enjoy further savings as a home-owner.

If you’d like to know more about the brand and our comprehensive LPG boiler installation service, feel free to give us a call today on 07834 168464 or 01904 373075. Or, why not email us at ben@armstrongplumbingandheating.co.uk and request your free, no-obligation quote in writing?