FAQ's on Oil Boilers

Many homes use an oil-fired boiler for their central heating system, particularly if their property is not on the mains gas grid. Oil is a popular alternative central heating, and offers much of the same comforts and convenience that gas does. However, we understand that many homeowners don’t know much about it and need some guidance to aid their decision if they are thinking about having an oil boiler installed.

Below we’ve provided answers to our most commonly asked questions around installing and using an oil boiler. 

How does an oil boiler work?

Oil for your boiler is piped from a tank, which is usually positioned in your garden or underground. When you have an oil boiler installed you’ll need to arrange for regular oil delivery, which will be put into your tank ready for use. This oil then powers your boiler to heat hot water for your heating system, in much the same way that gas does.

What’s the cost of oil?

Gas is still more economical than oil, but as an alternative it is fairly cost-effective. In January 2018, the price per litre was 48p. 

How much does an oil boiler and installation cost?

Costs for an oil boiler and installation start from £1,500, although in all likelihood the total cost will be considerably pricier. This is because, particularly if you are having an oil boiler installed from scratch, you need to account for the cost of a new tank as well as the oil boiler. Many people pay in the region of £4-6000 in total, depending on the elements required, such as new radiators and the size of the tank.  

What kind of oil will my boiler run on?

A lot of domestic oil boilers use Kerosene, although this can differ depending on the age of the oil boiler.

There are newer models of oil boilers that run on biofuel and there are a few others which use gas oil, although this is uncommon.

Your heating engineer will talk you through the oil you’ll need before installation.

Is there just one type of oil boiler?

You actually have a choice of different boiler types, just as you do with gas. Oil boilers are available as system, combi or conventional, and your heating engineer will be happy to discuss the type that best suits your home and family’s needs.

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