How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Energy bills are on the rise in the UK, with around 15 million British households having recently seen their costs increase by more than £100. 

This is a considerable sum, and one that households must balance with their other costs and monthly bills. However, more proactive home-owners can take steps to reduce the cost of their energy bills, whilst freeing up more disposable income at the end of each month. 

But what exactly are these steps, and how do they translate into lower energy costs each month? 

1. Switch your Appliances Off 

We’re all human, and it’s quite common for us to leave our appliances in standby when they’re out of use. 

This is especially true with appliances such as television, as it’s far more convenient to switch the TV back on in the future if it’s on standby. 

Convenience comes at a price, however, and it’s estimated that leaving your appliances on standby can increase your energy bills considerably. By switching these off at the plug instead, you can save between £30 and £50 each year without even breaking sweat. 

2. Turn Down your Thermostat 

Next up is another relatively simple step, and one that can make a huge difference to your monthly energy bills. 

According to some estimates, switching your thermostat down by just a single degree can save you approximately £75 each year. 

Despite this, the change is barely noticeable, so you can bring down the heat without compromising on a warm and comfortable home! 

3. Invest in More Energy-efficient Appliances 

We live in the age of highly-efficient, A-rated appliances, which consume far less energy and reduce your bills during the course of the year. 

So, even if your appliances may be functioning perfectly fine for now, it may be worth considering investing in more efficient alternatives that can reduce your costs. In the 

case of boilers, for example, contemporary units are often more than 90% efficient and can deliver savings of up to £300 each year. 

By swapping your current appliances for more energy efficient alternatives, you can easily reduce costs and stretch your monthly budget a little further. 

How to Have a Brand-New Boiler Installed 

If you’re serious about reducing your energy bills, you should definitely consider having a brand new-boiler installed. With the help of a Gas Safe registered engineer such as Armstrong Plumbing and Heating, this can dramatically reduce your energy costs whilst providing genuine peace of mind. 

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