Is a New Boiler an Important Investment?

While all good things must come to an end, having to pay out for a new boiler is barely a cause for celebration. The good news is that while you may be buying a new boiler a little reluctantly, you’ll actually be making a really sound investment with it. From saving you money on your bills to adding value to your home, we explain why a new boiler can be one of the wisest investments you’ll make.

Why a new boiler is an investment worth making 

It adds value to your home 

Leading comparison site Go Compare report that adding a new boiler to your home also adds value, up to £8k to be exact! This means that, should you decide to sell your home in the future, your new boiler will be an excellent selling point, providing reassurance to interested buyers that your home’s heating and hot water can be relied upon. 

And even if you’re not planning to move in the future, you’ll have peace of mind of knowing you’ve made your home a warm and comfortable place to be for many years to come with the addition of your new boiler. 

It saves you money every month

Energy costs are rising all the time and the only way to reduce what you pay is to use a lot less energy. However, this can be difficult when you need hot water and heat every day. This is where a new boiler really pays off in terms of investment as it will work much more efficiently than your old one, producing the same amount of heat and hot water using a lot less energy. The result? Lower bills all year round and you’ll be helping the environment too!

It future-proofs your home

Imagine being able to operate your heating from wherever you are in the world. No more worrying you’ve left the heating on while you’re at work and no more stress about coming home to a freezing house after your holiday. New advances in boiler technology include Smart additions, such as a Smart thermostat. With this, you can operate your heating from an app on your phone, making your central heating system wholly convenient and a future-proof investment for your home.

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