Is It Time to Install a New Boiler?

In this blog, we look at the signs and indicators that indicate it's time to say goodbye to your old boiler and welcome the efficiency and dependability of a new one. Our expert heating engineers across York are here to help every step of the way.

signs its time to replace your boiler

Signs which indicate it is time to replace your boiler

Is your boiler old?

One of the most important things to consider when deciding if your boiler needs to be replaced is its age. The typical boiler lifespan is between 10 and 15 years, depending on the kind, model, and previous maintenance. Even if your boiler is still operating at a satisfactory level, it may be time for a new boiler installation in Leeds, York, and the nearby areas if it is getting close to or has passed this point.

Frequent breakdowns

Your boiler may be nearing the end of its useful life if it is experiencing frequent breakdowns and needs repairs. While periodic upkeep and repairs are typical, recurrent malfunctions may point to more serious problems that would be best served by purchasing a new, more dependable boiler.

Spike in energy bills

As boilers age, their efficiency declines, resulting in higher energy usage and higher heating costs. Your boiler may be the cause if your energy bills have significantly increased despite your usual consumption trends. In the long term, switching to a newer, more energy-efficient model can help reduce your electricity bills. 

Visible damage or corrosion

 Your boiler's efficiency and safety may be jeopardised by visible damage or corrosion. When it comes to boilers, rust, cracks, or leaks are major problems that need to be addressed right away. If the damage is severe or irreversible, it may be time for a new boiler.

Uneven Heating

Do you notice certain areas of your home feeling colder than others? Uneven heating throughout your house could signify that your boiler is struggling to distribute heat evenly, a problem that often worsens with age.

Leaks or Drips

Leaks or drips around your boiler are not only signs of potential water damage but also indicate a failing internal component that may require costly repairs or replacement.

How Armstrong Plumbing & Heating can Install your New Boiler 

Whether you need to inspect your existing heating system or have a brand-new boiler installed, the team at Armstrong Plumbing & Heating can help you out. 

Based in York and working in the surrounding areas, our engineers both Gas Safe and OFTEC-registered, which means that we’re qualified to work with both gas and oil-fired boilers. Our Gas Safe-registration also extends to cover LPG work, so no job is too big for our talented team. 

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