LPG vs Oil Heating: Which One Should I Choose?

Whilst most residential homes exist ‘on the grid’, this is not always the case or properties in rural or remote areas. In these instances, you may need to rely on storable fuel sources such as oil or LPG, which offer a viable alternative to gas and are more than capable of powering modern heating systems. 


In this post, we’ll compare these two fuel sources, whilst asking which one is right for you?


Understanding LPG and Oil - What do you Need to Know?


Whilst oil is a well-known commodity and fossil fuel, the same cannot be said for LPG (liquid petroleum gas). This represents a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases, whilst it’s produced from natural gas and oil extraction and process of oil refining. This substance is also naturally non-toxic and produces less carbon dioxide than oil, making it a popular, off-the-grid fuel source in the modern age.


There’s minimal difference in terms of price, however, with oil marginally cheaper than LPG. In total, a unit of gas will cost you around 6p/kW, whereas a unit of LPG will set you back between 6.5 and 7p/kW on average.


However, LPG is a more versatile fuel than oil, as it can be used to power your oven, hob and gas fire in addition to the boiler unit. The same cannot be said for oil, and in this respect LPG shares considerable similarity with gas.


Is Oil or LPG Right for you?


As we can see, there isn’t a great deal of difference between oil and LPG, whilst both boiler types work in a similar way to gas units. The primary difference is that the fuel source is stored on site rather than drawn from the grid, but other than this it can be hard to seek differentiators and make an informed decision. This is where Armstrong Plumbing & Heating can come into play, as our engineers can call on years of experience to help you make an informed decision depending on your unique circumstances.


Operating in York and the surrounding areas, we’re also Gas Safe and OFTEC-registered and fully qualified to install various boiler types in residential properties. Our Gas Safe certification also extends to LPG work, so whichever way you turn we’ve got you covered.


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