The Advantages of a New Bathroom

Apparently, it costs an average price of £2,350 to install a brand-new bathroom, and this is a considerable investment from the perspective of any home-owner.

But what if we told you that there were several hidden benefits to installing a new bathroom? What if we also said that this can add considerable value to your property, making it a more viable prospect for resale in the future!

Below, we’ll discuss the exact advantages of installing a new bathroom in your house, whilst asking why this is one of the most effective home-improvements you can undertake!

A New Bathroom Will Make your Eco-friendlier

There are many elements to a new bathroom installation, from the materials that you use to the type of toilet and boiler unit that you fit in the property.

Each of these elements affords you an opportunity to create an eco-friendlier space, whether you consider repurposing an older porcelain sink and saving this from landfill or installing a new and energy-efficient toilet.

By also installing a modern, A-rated boiler unit in and around your bathroom, you can also reduce your energy consumption and monthly bills.

A New Bathroom Delivers an Impressive ROI

We spoke earlier about adding to the value of your property, and there’s no doubt that installing a new bathroom can help you to achieve this objective.

In fact, a new bathroom can add up to £4,900 to the value of your property, on a relatively modest spend of just £2,350.

This also translates into a healthy ROI of 48%, which makes it a worthy and rewarding investment that should appeal to all home-owners.

A New Bathroom Creates a Sanctuary within the Home

As bathrooms are historically considered as functional spaces that are home to your daily ablutions, it’s all too easy to overlook their potential as a tranquil oasis.

By renovating a tired and purely functional space, however, you can reinvent your bathroom as a relaxing sanctuary in the home and a space in which you can escape form the rigours of everyday life!

To this end, you can also create a colour scheme that actively promotes relaxation, with pastel shades ideal for a soothing bathroom space.

Let Armstrong Plumbing & Heating Manage your Bathroom Installation

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