The Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

If you’re anything like us, the decision of whether to repair or replace an old boiler is one that requires careful consideration. 

After all, whilst buying and installing a new boiler can cost anywhere between £2000 and £3000, this investment can help you to save money in the long-term by cutting the cost of repairs and delivering far greater efficiency. 

With this in mind, here are a few of the precise benefits associated with installing a brand-new boiler in your home. 

1. New Boilers are Energy Efficient 

If your existing boiler is more than a decade old, the chances are that you’ll benefit from significant efficiency savings when you install a new unit. 

After all, older, non-condensing boilers are significantly less energy-efficient than contemporary models, typically operating at efficient levels of between 55% and 70% In comparison, new A-rated models boast efficiency levels in excess of 90%, and this can translate into three-figure savings every month. 

This also minimises energy wastage in your home, reducing consumption and improving your carbon footprint in the process. 

2. New Boilers have Longer Guarantees 

When you buy a brand-new boiler, this unit is likely to be protected by a long manufacturers’ guarantee. 

In the case of selected MAX brand boilers, accredited installers are even able to offer extended warranties of up to 12 years. 

This provides considerable peace of mind to home-owners, who can rest assured that they’re boiler will always be well-maintained regardless of your own financial circumstances. 

Just remember to have your boiler serviced by an accredited engineer on an annual basis, as this is often a requirement of the warranty. 

3. A New Boiler is a Space-saver 

If you own an older boiler or a conventional heating system, the chances are that this will take up considerable space in your property. 

The same cannot be said for modern combi-boilers, however, which negate the need for additional water tanks and have been designed to be far more compact. 

This means that new boilers can be fitted discretely and help you to save considerable space in your home, whilst they can also be wall-mounted in kitchen, bathroom or airing cupboards when required. 

Ensure that you’re Boiler Installation is Managed Right 

Whilst there are numerous benefits associated with a new boiler, you’ll need to deploy the services of an accredited engineer if you’re to fully realise these. 

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