What Size Boiler Do I Need?

A boiler is a big investment and choosing the right one is important. Pick well, and your family will benefit from the right amount of heat and hot water for years to come. That’s why it’s worth giving some thought to not just the brand or type of boiler that’s best for your home, but also the size. 

Also known as output, the size of your boiler impacts how much heat and hot water it gives out. Put simply, the size you choose depends on your usage. The following factors should be considered to help you decide, and if you need further assistance our team are happy to help.

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How to decide the output for your new boiler

It’s always best to speak to your Gas Safe registered engineer about the most suitable boiler for your home, but the following factors will have an influence:

House size

If your home is smaller you may not need a large output as there are fewer rooms to heat. Larger homes tend to need a bigger output to ensure the boiler can provide heat throughout. 

Single or multiple bathrooms

Homes with two or more bathrooms usually need a larger output, so that the boiler is powerful enough to direct multiple sources of water around the home.  

Current boiler size

It may be that the size of your old boiler worked well for you and your family, and you are happy to use the same size as a guide. If things have changed though, for example because your family has grown, you may need a bigger output with your new boiler. 

Amount of heating used

If you use your heating a lot and find you feel the cold more than others, it’s sensible to ensure the boiler you choose can accommodate your needs. If you use heat more sparingly, you probably need a lower output than average. 

Will it fit in your home?

While your chosen Gas Safe registered heating engineer should always check your boiler will physically fit in your home, it’s worth remembering that many boilers with a large output aren’t actually bigger in size. However, particularly powerful boilers can be literally bigger, so be sure your home can accommodate it before committing. 

How to make an output calculation

As well as the above factors, looking at this table will help you quickly work out the approximate boiler output you’ll likely require for your home. 

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