What Type of Boiler is the Most Energy Efficient?

Buying an energy efficient boiler makes a lot of sense. It’s better for the environment, for starters, reducing the amount of harmful CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. And it’s also better for you financially, as a boiler that uses less energy will cost you less money to run.

But what boiler type will be most energy efficient for your home? Read on to find out more.

What makes a boiler energy efficient?

When a boiler is described as energy efficient it usually means it’s able to recycle some of the energy it uses to reduce its overall use. Previously, boilers may have only been around 70% efficient, whereas newer boilers are designed to run at around 90% - 98% efficiency levels.

It’s important to focus on both energy-efficiency and the type of boiler that meets your needs. The most important thing is opting for a boiler which is condensing and A-rated for efficiency. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) also inspects boiler brands to check their level of efficiency in the units they design and build. It’s worthwhile checking if the boiler you’re considering has been endorsed by the EST, as this will be a definite tick in its favour.

Boiler types and efficiency

System boilers and regular boilers

These boilers are usually found in larger homes and properties with more than one bathroom because they can both run multiple hot water sources at once. They both require a hot water cylinder which keeps the water that’s been heated hot for later use. This can be a positive with efficiency, as a good hot water cylinder will retain heat well. The downside is it can be difficult to estimate how much water you’ll use and how long to leave it on for, potentially leading to some waste.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers only heat water as and when you need it, piping it directly without the need to plan in advance for a shower or bath. This can make them convenient and energy-efficient as there’s no waste. The disadvantage with a combi is they only run to a single water source at once so don’t suit homes with more than one bathroom. 

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