Does Installing a New Boiler Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

It’s now impossible to ignore the devastating damage being done to our planet through decades of harmful CO2 emissions being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Across the world, CO2 emissions are produced from various sources, including deforestation and meat production. Billions of tonnes are also produced by fossil fuels: used for so many things, from flying an aeroplane to heating our homes. 

CO2 emissions contribute to the greenhouse effect, which drastically alters the world’s weather. From increased wildfires to ruining whole habitats and species due to melting glaciers, its damage is catastrophic. Here in the UK, one of the most notable effects is smog and air pollution, causing a rise in respiratory disease and illness. 

Even as individuals, however, we can make a difference. From cutting down on car use to eating less meat to making our homes as energy-efficient as possible, every one of us can do something to lessen the devastating impact of CO2 emissions in our world.

How can a new boiler reduce my carbon footprint? 

Thanks to advances in technology, new boilers are designed with energy-efficiency in mind. If you switch your current boiler to an A-rated unit, you’ll immediately cut down on your energy use, as new boilers recycle much of their power and perform effectively without burning as much fuel. In real terms, this means you’ll enjoy the same amount of heat and hot water while also saving energy. 

A new, energy-efficient boiler is probably the biggest difference you can make in your home, but taking the following steps will also help in reducing your energy use and carbon footprint: 

  • Having a Smart meter installed, which lets you easily monitor your energy use 
  • Setting your thermostat a degree or two lower 
  • Having a shorter shower each day

Energy-efficient boiler installation in York, Tadcaster & Wetherby 

Here at Armstrong Plumbing & Heating, we have in-depth knowledge of boiler installation and can advise you on the best energy-efficient option for your home. This includes helping you save energy, save money from reduced heating bills and choosing a boiler that’s right for your needs. 

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