Should I Install a New Boiler in 2020?

A new boiler is a big purchase, and one most homeowners give careful consideration to. If your boiler has been condemned, having a new one installed will be an obvious choice and something you’ll be in a hurry to sort as soon as possible. At other times, you may be able to plan for a new boiler. This could be because you’re renovating an old property and part of that will be having a new central heating system installed, or it could be because your boiler is ageing and you want to get it replaced before the inevitable happens.

If you’re deliberating about whether or not to have a new boiler installed in 2020, thinking about the following points will help you make a decision.

How healthy your boiler is

If your boiler is ticking along nicely and still performing as it should, you’re unlikely to need it replacing in the near future. However, if it’s let you down on more than one occasion recently, and particularly if it’s reached or exceeded 10 years old, it may be wise to think about a replacement in 2020. If you continue to repair a broken boiler, it can end up costing you more in the long-run than investing in a new one, particularly if its performance still isn’t fully effective even when it’s working.

Cost of energy bills

Newer boilers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and this means they use less energy to give you the same amount of heat and hot water. And because of this, you can enjoy a drop in your energy bills. So if your energy bills are very high, it could be due to an inefficient boiler, a problem you won’t have if you purchase a new A-rated unit in 2020.

Changes to your home

While home refurbishments are exciting, they can also be very disruptive. If you’re planning to change, renovate or extend your home in 2020, it may be sensible to replace your old boiler at the same time. When you have this work carried out all at once, it minimises disruption and saves extra redecorating if you upgrade your boiler the following year and it moves position.

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