Tips for Purchasing a New Boiler

In the digital age, it’s easy to understand the primary benefits of installing a brand new boiler in your home. However, finding the right boiler for you can be deceptively challenging, with numerous brands, models and heating systems available in the existing marketplace. Below, we’ll offer three tips that will help to inform your decisions, regardless of your budget or precise circumstances.

Consider the Merits of Premium Brand Boilers

In some cases, you may be discouraged from buying premium brand boilers due to their exalted cost. However, these units often boast incredibly high levels of efficiency, which translates into reduced energy usage and potential savings of more than £200 per year when upgrading from a non-condensing unit. At the same time, premium boilers tend to come with extended warranties, which can help to minimise maintenance costs over an extended period of time.

Do Your Research and Look Out for Approved Installers

The next step is to compare the market and refine your potential options, whilst paying particular attention to price and the terms of the deals on offer. This is particularly important given the cost of a new boiler, which can set you back as much as £3,000 when you factor in installation and the precise model that you purchase. We’d also recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for approved installers, who work in partnership with high-quality brands to provide extended warranties on select models.

Consider the Type of Boiler that you Need

Not all boilers and heating systems have been created equal, so you’ll need to consider the type of unit that’s required in your home before making a purchase. Whilst modern homes feature A-rated and highly efficient combi-boilers, for example, larger and older properties often rely on conventional and sealed heating systems to provide warmth and hot-water on demand. These systems often require the installation of an additional hot water tank, so your decision may be influenced by the size and layout of your home!

Let Armstrong Plumbing & Heating Guide your Search!

Fortunately, you don’t need to make this type of decision alone, as engineers like Armstrong Plumbing & Heating are ideally-placed to provide guidance and expert insight. We’re Gas Safe-registered too, which means that our engineers are fully qualified and insured to undertake boiler installations in any type of residential home. To discover more about how we can help you, why not give our dedicated team a call today on 07834 168464? Or, feel free to email us at, and we’ll strive to reply as soon as we can!