Gas Heating VS Oil Heating: Which One Should I Choose?

You have different options to choose from when installing a new heating system, though many people are unsure about what’s out there - they just know they want something to reliably heat their home and provide them with hot water! Below we’ve outlined the facts about gas heating and oil heating to allow you to decide on the best option for your home.

Oil Heating

Oil boilers are an alternative to the more common gas boilers, but both are used in homes across the UK. If your home is heated by oil, it is done so differently than if it was heated by gas. Firstly, your oil is delivered to a tank in your garden or underground so you must set up a service to do this, paying the company for the cost and delivery of your oil. It then works by using oil to fire up the boiler and heat hot water and your radiators. 

If your home isn’t connected to the gas grid, oil may be your best alternative source of heat. In January 2018, the price per litre of oil was recorded at 48p and depending how much you and your family use, it can be quite a cost-effective way to heat your home. 

However, oil is not considered environmentally friendly, and there are talks from the government about phasing out oil heating systems for new homes within the next decade. Oil boilers can be expensive to install from scratch and usually have to be freestanding as well so can take up more room than a typical gas boiler does.

Gas Heating

Gas heating works through a gas boiler positioned inside your home that’s usually wall-mounted. Gas-fired boilers heat your water and send it around your central heating system to heat your radiators. The gas comes from a gas mains in your street that connects to a pipe that goes into your boiler. 

Gas produces lower emissions, so is considered more environmentally friendly than oil, although it isn’t completely green due to producing carbon dioxide as it burns. 

As a heating source, it’s considered extremely reliable as you don’t need to wait on a delivery that may be delayed or postponed in bad weather, as you do with oil. Your supply is continuous (subject to paying your gas bill!) so provides your home with heat and hot water effectively.

Installing a gas heating system from scratch is expensive, and any work done on your gas boiler must be carried out safely by a Gas Safe registered engineer as gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can cause fires and explosions. 

Choosing the right system for you

Depending on where your home is, it may not be possible to fit a gas heating system. Other factors to consider are whether you already have an existing system in place - for example it is a big job to change from gas to oil, so it’s important to weigh up whether the cost and hassle is worth it. If you’re installing a heating system for the first time, it’s worth looking into both gas and oil, estimating how much you’ll use and whether one will be more effective for you and your family over the coming years. 

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